The most importand factor to take into account when purchasing a new bike, refurbishing an old bike, or just getting back in the saddle for the first time in a while, is the way that the bike fits you.

The system we use is based on Trek Precision Fit, which was designed in collaboration with Cyclefit to cater for Trek's professional riders. It's just as relevant to the casual or serious hobby rider : investing in the fit of a bike will enhance the efficiency, comfort, and enjoyment of riding more than any other alteration or upgrade you can make.

We have trained fitters Who offer 2 tiers of fit service, plus a separate cleat alignment.

Full fit (1 hour): £90

This includes a full assessment of body shape, and range of motion/flexibility, ensuring that the outcome is a fully-tailored bike fit that is highly sympathetic to the individual. A full cleat fit is also included. The rider is required to wear full lycra so that bone lengths can be marked and observed.

Basic fit (1/2 hour): £60

For the casual rider who feels that they need broad adjustments to their position, but doesn't know where to start. We still advise on saddle height and position, bar position and dimensions, and crank length, but not to the highest level of precision. If you've never had a bike fit you will derive great benefit from this service, but if you already have an idea of, for example, your saddle height and reach, you'll want to upgrade to the full fit.

Cleat fit (1/2 hour): £40

A comprehensive cleat fit, taking into account fore-aft position, left-right position, and rotation.

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